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The dealers/companies can post the free ad for selling the seedlings either online click here or by calling us at 088-80 80 80 81.
Seedling is a young plant that is grown from a seed.
In the market, quality of seedling may vary widely depending on the seller and the way or the source seeds from which it is transplanted. Farmers Adda provides single point access for the buyer to filter out and select the right quality of seedlings for his plantation.
Sub categories
  • Brinjal Seedlings
  • Cabbage Seedlings
  • Capsicum Seedlings
  • Cauliflower Seedlings
  • Chilli Seedlings (Mirchi)
  • Coconut Seedlings
  • Cucumber Seedlings
  • Flowers Seedlings
  • Knoll-khol Seedlings
  • Nursery Seedlings
  • Rice Seedlings
  • Ridge gourd Seedlings
  • Tobacco Seedlings
  • Tomato Seedlings
  • Vegetable Seedlings
  • Others (Please select this, if the seedlings do not fall into any of the above listed categories)

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