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Fertilizers & Pesticides:
Farmers adda provides a platform for the companies and dealers to advertise all kinds of fertilizers & pesticides (chemical, organic, bio) online click here or by calling us on 088-80 80 80 81.
Fertilizer is a chemical or natural substance added to soil or land to increase its fertility. They supply nutrients essential to the growth of plants.The material could be could be either organic inorganic.
Pesticide is substance used for killing insects or any other harmful organisms to crop or plants under cultivation and thus mitigate the damage or the pest, weeds or the diseases.
As a farmer/user, it is important to know the right fertilizer/pesticide for the right cause, quantity to be used. Similarly, he needs to ensure that he is not using the pesticides banned in his region as per the government regulation.
Sub categories
  • Antibiotics (Pesticides)
  • Bio-fertilizers
  • Chemical Fertilizers
  • Complex fertilizers (N: P: K: S)
  • Fumigants (Pesticides)
  • Fungicides (Pesticides)
  • Herbicides (Pesticides)
  • Insecticides (Pesticides)
  • Miscellaneous Groups (Pesticides)
  • Organic manures
  • Synthetic Pyrethroides (Pesticides)
  • Others (Please select this, if the fertilizer/pesticide do not fall into any of the above listed categories)

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