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Cattle & Live-stock
If you are looking to sell or buy cattle in farmers adda, It is easy just call us on 088-80 80 80 81. To post advertisement online click here.
You can also search the classifieds on wide range of cattle breeds (Holstein Friesian cow, hybrid, Jersey and many more) posted in our database by searching for this category.
If you want to put cattle for sale online, please click post classified and fill the relevant information online in our website. It is made accessible to all the public online and over phone by us. Please note that this category also covers Cattle feed grains if you would like to put it for sale.
Sub categories
  • Cows
  • Buffalo
  • Bull
  • Ox
  • Sheep
  • Goat
  • Pig
  • Cattle feed
  • Others (Please select this, if the cattle do not fall into any of the above listed categories)

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To register a free classified with us , you can call us on 088-80 80 80 81 or to post it online by yourself please click here.