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If you are looking to buy or lease a farm land for sale, you can select this search category. Further, you can also select the type of farm land you are looking for in the Sub category.
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To post your land for sale/lease, please call us on 088-80 80 80 81 or to post classified yourself online click here.
We also recommend you to fill the description field to attract the buyer with all the relevant information on the land.
Sub categories
Alluvial land: Alluvial soils constitute the largest and most important soil group of India. The soils are derived from the deposition of silt by the numerous river systems. These soils are deficient in nitrogen (N), phosphorus and organic matter. A wide variety of crops is grown in these soils.
Peaty & marshy land: Peaty and marshy soils are formed by plants growing in the humid regions under permanently waterlogged conditions. Where properly drained and fertilized, these soils often produce a very good rice crop.
Non-arable land: Non-arable land is the land that cannot to used for farming due to lack of fertility/ nutrients, temperature levels, too rainy, too rocky, highly polluted or no source to fresh water. However this land can be made into arable land by adding some of the elements that the land is missing, for example digging and installing irrigation canals and wells, if the land is too hot then adding trees for shade is often done etc
Grazing land: Pastures and grazing lands of about 4% of the total land area of India. These are mainly seen in hilly areas. We don't have any definite grassland area. So, pastures are almost mingled with the forests of hilly areas and dwindled forests of the foot hills.
Forest land: Forest and hill soils are found at high as well as low elevations where rainfall is sufficiently high to support forest growth. Soil formation is governed mainly by the deposition of organic matter derived from the forest growth.
Others: If you are looking for a land which does not fall into any of the above categories, please select this category.

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