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About FarmersAdda
Farmersadda is the new generation classified website for the farmers and sellers of agricultural products across the country to come together, meet and trade.

In farmersadda, you can:
  • Easily post the classified for an agriculture or farming products
  • Have access to all available agri products in market at one place by phone or online
  • Easy marketing sellers/dealers for their products at the right place
  • Directing trading for farming products gives farmers a better price
  • Provides platform for farmers to become a community and share information
  • Keep farmers in tune with the latest technologies
Our mission:
Contribute to the future of agriculture to make it more profitable occupation for the farmers.
How do we work?
We operate in two ways
Hello Kisan by Toll-free number
  • We maintain a small call center called "Hello Kisan" wherein the farmer can simply dial 088-80 80 80 81 and check for required information by speaking to our executives. Information could be related to availability of farm land,seeds,machinery etc.
  • The executives would refer to a pre-compiled large volume of data from the sellers on the database to answer the queries on phone. To make it simple "All data is collected from sellers/dealers and we make it available to the buyers"
  • The sellers can as well call us @ 088-80 80 80 81 and ask us to post a free advertisement for their products and make it available to all the farmers. The posted advertisement will expire after 60 days(registered user 90 days) by default. To permanently have the advertisement active please contact us.
  • This database also helps us to update farmers by broadcasting relevant and timely messages via SMS and email.

Online trading

If internet connection is available, the farmers and sellers/dealers can do the trading(buy/sell) online by search/post the relevant information. Information Provide access to latest technologies and all required quality agri inputs for the social economic growth of farmers.

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Farmersadda is the new generation classified website for the farmers and sellers of agricultural products to come together, meet and trade.
To register a free classified with us , you can call us on 088-80 80 80 81 or to post it online by yourself please click here.